A Lesson In Leading

First I think I should point out that they don’t live out here, where they are in the pictures. I only let them out into the yard occasionally, for an hour or two, to get some good grass. There is lots of farm equipment and the occasional junk car parked out there, nothing to really get tangled up in it just looks bad. Today I turned them out to graze after 8 and I got done taking Coyote out for a little ride.

That said, it is a long walk to get them back in their pen when they’ve been out grazing the yard. I have to either walk clear out from the house, whine whine, catch them and walk clear back to their gate. Or drive out, catch them, lead them back to their gate then walk clear back to the car, whine whine. I really prefer that they know how to lead from the car. Pure laziness, but with small children everything is so much work.

Usually I catch Coyote but he didn’t feel like coming in off of grass today. Rusty isn’t as smart. It was his first time leading from the car, he took it quite well. Like a pro I’d say.



One thought on “A Lesson In Leading

  1. TEllingson

    Do you remember when we used to do this from the back of AnnMaries car? Or was it a truck? Can\’t remember which, but we would go way out in the pasture at our barn, grab a lot of horses, and lead them back. Later, we would just get on one four horses and lead two or three back that way. Ahh, the good old days!

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