Definitely Right Sided

I want to get this written down before I forget.

Rusty learns and responds much better from his right side. He picked up bowing, giving to pressure and a simple bow, simply by transferring it from what I taught him on the left side, much quicker and easier on the right. He still has trouble picking up his left front hoof and it was the first thing we started working on.

He has trouble turning to the right when ridden but I believe it is because the cue comes from my left leg?

He has a swirl on his left jaw bone, half way between his cheek and his mouth. Any swirls that are not matched perfectly on both sides always mean there is an imbalance somewhere in the horse. I have thought that the swirl was perhaps an indicator of his extreme mouthiness, and it may be, but it is also his only swirl that doesn’t match.


3 thoughts on “Definitely Right Sided

  1. TEllingson

    That is very interesting. I had not known that swirls had to be matched. Indy has one on his neck, just past his throatlatch, on only one side, but I don\’t notice any thing one sided about him. Coyote was very one sided doing ground work before we sent him to you, but apparently he grew out of it? Will be interesting to see if Rusty out grows it.

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