In Which We Did Nothing

I did not work Rusty today.

We have developed a pretty good routine, one that works very well for me. I step out the door and call him, he pulls his head out of the hay bale and looks at me, ears perked. Sometimes he whinnies, sometimes he just starts walking. He is not one to run to me, or after his ball. I go back in and gather our “stuff” and set it out on the pickup, ready to play with. By the time I’m done he’s at the gate waiting, usually calling to make sure I haven’t forgotten him.

The only problem with this is that the other horses want to come out too. I feel bad about them not getting to, they stand at the gate and look pitiful. Coyote bangs on the gate with his hoof. I give them cookies to ease my guilt.

Today I grabbed a couple of things and stepped out the door. I saw horse butts at the hay bale and called. I called again and Rusty finally turned to look. He didn’t move though. Coyote thundered up to the gate, he had been getting a drink and was much closer. As he ate his cookie Rusty and Onna left the bale and ran to stand in a corner, facing us but with no way through. They were stuck. In the pen they spend most of their time in, that they navigate regularly to reach water, the gate, they were lost.

I was slightly grouchy about their silliness (stupidity), short of time and not in the mood to walk out and show them the way. So we did nothing. This afternoon maybe things will be different for now Coyote enjoyed his cookies.

How I am usually greeted

How I am usually greeted

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