Freedom To Roam

20161125_134005I need it so desperately there’s no reason to think my horses wouldn’t want the same.

The weather was perfect for the end of November. And my darling daughter wanted to ride. How could I say no. We saddled her mare and I hopped on Coyote. Rusty would be left behind, I hated the thought of him running the fence and carrying on. SO why not let him come? He’s more puppy dog than horse and Daisy got to come.

We went down the driveway with him trotting along behind, grazing here and there. I debated how far we should go. It seemed wrong to cross the road with a loose horse following but then again why not. The road is mostly deserted and he comes as good as Daisy. We crossed the road, checked the mailbox, didn’t get the mail I am only willing to go so far in humoring the child, and rode into the neighbors CRP on the other side. It’s a beautiful hilly tract, I was thrilled when they said it was alright for us to ride there. Smack in the middle of farm land it’s nice to have some hills to play on.

Rusty galloped about, I appreciated how well behaved our horses were putting up with his shenanigans. We looked back at the cattle grazing in their corn field. We saw the neighbors houses and even as far as the cousins house across the highway. The grass in all it’s winter colors. I love that tall pink grass, I never have known what it is. Rusty took his turn leading the way. I thought a couple of times that he was going to go join the cattle. He stayed right with usĀ  though coming back when called.

Going home down the driveway he couldn’t resist the call of that nice green winter wheat. He stayed to graze as we continued on our way. Almost half way down the drive we stopped and called him. I was a little worried. He looked up standing still watching. Then he took off running and bucking. He caught up with us in no time then walked along side. Until we meet the mother in law coming down the driveway on a four wheeler.

It was a little concerning. Both sides are lined with electric fence now that the cattle are home, if the horses spooked we could be in big trouble. Of course there was no need to worry, Coyote thinks he’s a four wheeler. We nodded in passing and went on home. But not done yet.

I made a trail through the tree row and we followed it, over a log and under some branches. Then to the stack yard to “bang into” some hay bales. Coyote rather likes to crash his chest into the round bales quite enthusiastically. It’s fun to ride and the kids get a kick out of it.

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