Maybe We’ll Try A Blog Hop

One of my favorite blogs, Haiku Farm, is doing a blog hop. Never done one before, sounded kind of fun, hope I’m doing it right, so here it goes:

My name is Megan, wife, stay at home mom and occasional horse trainer. There are no pictures of me that don’t involve horses and or children.

We have three horses, Princess Onna, my daughters horse. Coyote my good grouchy old boy, hopefully my sons horse some day. And Rusty my youngster. All fat, beautiful Morgans.

My favorite horse sport is a little difficult. At the moment we mostly ride around the yard and I work on training Rusty, we’re learning trick training. I enjoy trail riding, used to love cow horse stuff and reining and wish that dressage was more readily available in our area. Mostly my favorite thing to do with horses is to train them.

My whole family rides! My husband not so much since kids and only a little before that, he’s a farmer and a four wheeler guy. I had the pleasure of teaching my niece to ride, not so much lately but before my kids came along we had fun. My mom taught me to ride, my brother and his family ride and I am loving teaching my kids to ride.

Once my proudest accomplishment was showing a little gaited Morgan mare in ranch horse competitions and beating all the quarter horses.  I found and shamelessly “borrowed” some pictures of her back in the day. Went through all that work, figured I’d use a bunch 😉 Not with me riding, these are the first people I sold her to. Now it’s having good quiet well trained horses and figuring out clicker training. Or trying to.

My lowest moment was loosing Never. He was my baby, raised him from birth, then just when he was started and going good he was struck by lightening.

The best little thing I learned in a lesson. I think it was the first lesson I had with a filly I was riding. She had a week or so riding on her and I didn’t think we would be able to do enough to fill an hours lesson. There was more than enough. I learned how much you can and should be teaching a young horse.


No riding rituals I don’t think. Except never, ever, ever let a rope get wrapped around your hand. I’m a bit insane about that.


My short term goal for Rusty it to learn to bow, Spanish walk, stand on a pedestal, get trick training figured out basically.


Long term I would like to be able to ride him! Children make finding time for that difficult. I want to train him to cut and rein and some high school dressage 😉

My dream horse vacation would be to go spend a few weeks, months? 😉 , training with Juan Carlos. If I want to train high school dressage learning it first might help.

Wow, I can’t believe it was ten years ago already since I was busy Showing Jerry! Fall of 2016 we won our first belt buckle. She was a great little cow horse, she did ranch horse competitions, working cow horse and cutting. Awesome little gaited Morgan mare.

In her new life as a girls first horse

In her new life as a girls first horse

I hope in ten years the kids will be showing, in Four H if nothing else, or at least want to ride. I would be happy with that. I hope to be RIDING Rusty, doing some cutting maybe. After the changes from the last ten years I can hardly imagine what the next decade will bring.

My favorite quirk in my favorite horse would have to be Coyote’s tendency to be so miserably grouchy. Or maybe that he thinks he is a red heeler, he loves to bite cattle, push them a long with his nose. He’s a great cow dog or, er, horse. Rusty however thinks he’s a red lab, bouncy, in your face, in your lap if he could.

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  1. EvenSong

    Love a good minded Morgan!
    For an intro to mountain trail, you might look into Equine Trail Sports. Good family friendly competitions, growing around the country (sort of a post-ACTHA deal).

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