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I can’t get enough. I want more, more, more! For as much as I crave knowledge, I am pretty bad at seeking it out. On one hand I signed up for a course Hippologic is offering on recording and working towards goals in training our horses. It’s only to the third, fourth? day and I am loving it. So I do make an attempt at learning what the heck I’m doing, even if most of the time I seem to wing it.

On the other hand, here I’ve been trying to teach Rusty the Spanish walk for months now, other horses not as dedicatedly but still trying for years now, and never once did it occur to me to get instructions. How block headed is that? I honestly never thought of it. I tend to think I can do it, whatever it may be. Finding out how doesn’t seem necessary. My biggest draw back in training horses is… me.

In the course a video was mentioned on training the Spanish walk and I went to find it. I watched a couple, finished demonstrations and one giving directions. It was fascinating. We are on the right track but the pointers in the video were things I had never thought of. Seeking instruction might be helpful, maybe I don’t know everything. Whodda thought it.

I also said I was trying to get pictures of Rusty being awesome. This is what I got instead. That is one hard horse to get pictures of.



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  1. justin

    I am the same with restoring tractors I like to do it my self but thin I will see a youtube and find a better way and wish I had known it all along

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