Cutting Practice

I propped my phone on the ground, up against a post, with my glove underneath to keep it out of the dirt and got some great video of a blade of grass. There’s a little of Rusty doing some very nice cow work too, but mostly a weed. Oh well it’s hard to judge what will be in the frame while trying to get the phone set up with Rusty looking, and nudging, impatiently over my shoulder.

I always give him, and any other horse I do this with, a get ready to start playing cow cue. It’s much harder to watch yourself do on video. I look like a crazy person. Rusty was really into it though, I love the little hops he threw in. It is still mostly simple back and forths, asking for a little speed in and out of turns but in the end I like to add a, very, little bit more technical stuff in.

And to finish, the I’m not a cow anymore, no more chasing me cue. It’s the same as my “done working, there will be no more treats cue, I really need to come up with something different for one of them. He was a very good boy and I need to try for more, better video.

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