A Little Comparison

Rusty made it here, to us just about a year ago. He was scrawny and kind of ugly. Poor baby Morgans, it’s just not a pretty stage, those teenage years. I liked his breeding but, well, he didn’t look the way I like my horses to look. And with those bad manners, I was not sure he was a horse I wanted to keep permanently.

February ’16

He shed most of his winter coat. Training was coming along alright. He was a likable little guy. But still wasn’t gaining any ground conformation wise. I had to put my thickest saddle pad on him and still the cinch had to be on the smallest hole. My saddle, made to fit big, wide coyote did not fit him well. And that neck. I wasn’t sure that they were right about the breed, it was definitely more of a quarter horse neck than Morgan.

March ’16

At some point this last fall, before I gave up on riding him for the time being, I noticed that I had to let the cinch down a few holes. Then, later, looking at saddle fit, I traded out the big thick saddle pads for my usual pad I use on Coyote. He looked the same to me, but when you look at someone so much it’s hard to tell when they’ve changed. I have started to think that he’s really gotten pretty. He’s getting so wide and his neck is developing some nice muscling.

January ’17

It’s so fun watching baby horses grow up. His back no longer looks too long and weak through the loins. His hindquarters have filled out. His front end has grown, no more downhill. The V with the withers at the low point is gone. He’s maturing into a very nicely built boy.

Like most Morgans, he’s still hard to get a picture of. He would rather be right in your face.

I remember when Coyote was a baby, at this age. He was the ugliest little horse ever. Maybe a foot wide and look at him now. Built like a tank.

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  1. TEllingson

    was just going to ask if you remembered Coyote when he was young. Then, there at the end, you said it! If these posts are up on Facebook I am just not seeing them!

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