It Rained

Usually, and in this case, that makes everybody very happy. And it does make me happy, we need the moisture. It has been a pretty dry winter. The snow blew off the fields and pastures collecting in deep drifts that only did a few places any good.

It really didn’t do the footing in my “big arena” any good though. The soft deep dirt is now a muddy mess. Much better for the arena’s real purpose as a field, not as good for riding a green colt out in. Not to mention that the cold wet weather hasn’t allowed another chance to ride. Much less head out into the big wide open with him.

The rain and warm weather has also brought lots of green grass starting to grow. It causes a major distraction in our training. I have just started to work hard on identifying and finding smells and now all he wants to do is eat. I try to let him out for some grazing time before we work but the timing can be difficult. And he never seems to get his appetite satisfied. Spring grass is hard to resist after a winter of hay.

When I can get him to concentrate he is doing a pretty good job. I think.

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