First Ride Out

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I rode Rusty today! I know I have been saying that a lot lately. It hardly seems like every time should be newsworthy. This time though I rode him out. Way out!
The guys are starting to get spring fever. They can hardly wait to get in those big tractors and go round and round all day (if anyone can name that Ian Tyson song I’ll, do something 😉 ) They have been discing the cornstalks, starting with the one that used to have our fence we did cutting practice on. It’s close and easy to get to and now the dirt is worked to perfect arena consistency, soft and fine without being too deep. It is my favorite arena.
I had ridden him out there once last fall, before we gave up riding for ground work. He was skittish, even with Tanna along on Coyote, and our ride didn’t last long. I got off and walked him home when I felt my life may be in danger. Probably a slight exaggeration but I am not a brave rider. I fall off, usually on my head, if a horse bucks. After a winter of ground work he felt safe, incredibly light and responsive and really really fun. He comes from a long line of good Morgan cow horses, out even farther west than we are, in the really big country. He is a big country sort of horse. He stalls up a little in the arena, even our driveway sort of arena. He’s bored and doesn’t see the point. Out here he looked around, took a deep breath, and took off. In that fast walk, like Coyote and Onna have, where you feel like you’re being run a way with. It’s awesome.
He was a little rotten. What green colt isn’t going out and about? He was overly enthusiastic wanting to go more than I was willing and occasionally hunching his back and dropping his head. Nothing too bad though, I am riding him in a halter after all and we’re both still alive!
We worked on walk trot transitions, whoa, go and he was giving beautiful three quarter turns on the hind quarters. Or next ride is doomed, this one was too good.
I really want a gopro

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