Turns And Yielding

I rode Rusty! Again. It’s becoming a habit.

We stayed in the driveway this time. My husband left as I got on to go to town where there is better internet to work on his phone so he was going to be completely unavailable. Fortunately my brother was by his phone. So after a brief conversation with him we did our warm up, Spanish walk and bows, then got on.

He was feeling a little.. pent up maybe?

He didn’t really do anything bad. He was wobbly, not like falling down but weaving in his circles. I tried serpentines. He couldn’t walk it, kept breaking into a trot then couldn’t make the turns. We did work on turns and leg yields. He did both beautifully. I wanted to come in and write about it right away so I didn’t forget. Unfortunately I have forgotten what I wanted to say. I have a video hopefully it’s good and I can shorten it and get it up. Probably on Facebook, even shortened it will probably be too long for the blog.

I’m sure it wont look as cool as it felt anyway.

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