Puppy Training Progress

I think things are going nicely. We are doing the absolute most basic of the basics and I am happy. Daisy is happy too, they get to work alongside of each other and both get lots of treats. She, the puppy, Bell I think is the name out of her many that is used most often, is slowly starting to be very well behaved. She is learning to come, she came running to me from clear across the yard and out of sight today when I called her. She was getting yelled at and I thought, oh no, I have to save my puppy. I’m in trouble, I can’t think like that, she’s NOT my dog. She did come though and I went up to see if I could help with whatever the issue was. Nobody seemed to be sure what they had been trying to accomplish. I gave a quick run down of what we have been working on and tried to offer to show how. Mostly she just came back down with me to hang out with Daisy.

Her biggest problem is jumping on children and attacking legs when walking. I was being annoyed with her as she snarled and bit at my legs while I tried to walk across the yard and trying to think how to correct her when I had an epiphany. Instead of figuring out how to discipline her for being bad I needed to teach her what TO do. I need to reward her for walking nicely beside me. It’s ok for her to run and bite and play with Daisy but she needs to learn that it’s good to not do that with people, that it’s much more fun to walk quietly and get treats. Also need to get her a toy.

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