First Horses

Having the pleasure of introducing my children to horses gets me to thinking about my first horse and learning to ride with my mom, especially when I stumbled across these old pictures. I am so lucky to get to carry on the tradition. My mom got what I am pretty sure was her first horse as a teenager. There may have been a pony sometime before that? I should know this. Sass was a Morgan cross advertised in the paper as “not good for poles”. He was quite the horse. She would have to be the one to tell his stories, and hopefully I can get her to. Thinking about it now they were quite the stories. He was hot, proud cut, and maybe a little crazy. That could have been the combination of the two of them though 😉 He was a great cow horse, borrowed regularly to work cattle. A great jumper, they jumped home made jumps bareback. And he was hers, well loved until us children came along.

Then he was mine. Not many people are lucky enough to share a first horse with their parent. By then he had a fair bit of age on him, he had settled down, been sold, my brothers fault, and brought back home again. He was the perfect height for a child and the perfect age, safe and dependable.

My mom went on to get Tally. Tally, Brandy’s Tally Jack, was a registered Morgan, big, hot, green broke, and gorgeous. Sass suddenly wasn’t very exciting. I believe I was four to Tally’s five. All I wanted was to ride  him. Sass was old and boring. Strangely my mom let me ride Tally. She says I didn’t fall of every time I rode him and I’m sure that’s true. Eventually I did learn to ride him although he remembered me, and all my times of falling off, until the end. He carried us through horse shows and trail rides, faithfully and loyally, sometimes all three of us at once.

These two wonderful Morgans taught all three of us to ride while instilling a love of horses, Morgans in particular. We were so lucky to grow up with them.

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