Look closely, the video doesn’t seem like much but it actually captures a pivitol moment in Rusty’s training.

His first canter!

Only a year, and a half?, later, but who’s counting. Well I am but I try not to. I have lots of reasons, he may have been under saddle since last June but I didn’t ride him all winter or most of the summer, I have no real place to work him, and so on but to me they just sound like excuses.
There was actually lots more to the video, we trotted poles, they were combining just beyond the tree row and the wind was blowing so hard it rained corn dust and debris all over us, lots of good stuff. The camera was set in a bad place though. In my constant search for that one good place to set it I was mt once more with failure. I guess I’ll have to stick with the bed of the pickup, I was hoping for a slightly closer view.
The canter was good though. Short and sweet. As soon as he took it I clicked him for it and he stopped for his treat. There was no bucking or running away. We were even, eventually, able to get it a second time and then once going the other way. It was good.

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