Trying To Learn To Trot

The video starts out with a stunning demonstration of turning on the fore quarters. I thought I had video of us turning the other way but when I watched it I discovered that I had done the same way twice. Oops. I’m not very good at directions
Then we moved on to our main goal. Trotting serpintines though the middle of this was easy enough. Maybe not easy exactly, but we could do it. The main goal though is to trot down the center. We’ve been trotting poles, in a straight line, and it was going well enough. Apparently this ups the difficulty considerably. I thought he was going pretty well, that we had some level of control and straightness. We don’t! Talk about wobbling around drunkenly. We need to go back to poles in a line, this is way beyond our capabilities.
I am greatly enjoying working on things that are new to me and trying to figure out how to do them, and hopefully do them properly, is a fascinating challenge.

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