Last One!

The last video from this ride, finally 🙂
I said I was going to stop being so all over the place working on stops and roll backs. We were going to stick to one thing at a time. And we did! For a couple of rides we did nothing but stop. While working on stopping that is. We worked on lots of other stuff, but not rollbacks. By the time we took this video he was wanting to stop, anticipating terribly. It was great. With an exhale and sitting back he would slam on the breaks. If I hold position he starts to back. I notice in the video it it looks like I’m picking up on the reins. In fact it does apear that do that exact thing. It is one of those habits that you don’t notice until watching the video. While I don’t believe I am putting any pressure on his mouth, just changing hand position, it is still something I want to put a stop to now that I know it is happening.
In a later ride we ventured out again, out of the arena and around the chicken coup. A grand adventure 😉 We went up and down hills and worked on stopping under different circumstances. I was thrilled to get out of our arena again. We haven’t worked on that much since his melt down. I decided he wasn’t ready and that we would get back to it eventually. He was begging to go out on this later ride and was happy to be there so maybe we can start that again. His stop definitely more work while out and about. But I was happy enough with it in the arena to add roll backs again. But that is for next time.


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