Grazing Time

I know I’ve been posting a lot of boring videos lately of us walking around or grazing. Well, it’s what we’re doing right now and I’m pretty thrilled about it. We got our last ride in today before the weather changes tomorrow. It was in the fifties we had to get out there. The riding is a bit treacherous, snow, mud, water, lots of slickness. All the better to learn good footing in. We went the other way in the corn field today. Down along the tree row where Coyote had his little hissy fit when Tanna was out with us. Much easier without his help. Rusty goes along like a vacuum, sniffing the ground for treats the whole way. Riding through a corn field provides its own rewards.
Going across the field he broke into a canter, the path looked clear. I couldn’t see any badger holes, they’ve been busy this fall! I sat deep and let him go. he was enjoying himself and let out one exuberant little tiny buck. I slowed him down before we got to another one of those terrifying pivot tracks. He is coming back nicely, mostly to my seat, and shouldn’t be too hard to cross water on after all these ditches. They scare him, he’s hesitant, slows down, looks closely, and steps carefully, all good things. He spooked pretty good when we were walking up the fence line. The dogs showed up later, I wonder if they weren’t what he saw. We went under the pivot twice and spent lots of time grazing around it.
I took advantage of the relatively good footing on the wheat ground to work on a few transitions, some leg yields, turns and stops. It took at least twenty minutes to walk the half mile home. Life is slow when you have to wait for treats to be eaten.


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