Proud Parent Moments

It ranks right up there with taking their first steps. I am so excited that I was able to get it on video! My daughter opened her first gate horseback! She had been watching us, Coyote and  I, do it and we had talked about how she would be able to someday. Today she did it!

We had gotten to go sort the bulls out of the cows. My daughter on her good little mare Princess Onna and me on Coyote. Rusty was screaming and having a fit about being left in their pen alone, but he’s not quite ready for this.   Princess Onna always got overly excited when she and Tanna moved cows together so I was hesitant to let them try it on there own at first. But I’ve lead her a couple of time on the lead and they’ve been fine, not near as excited, so they got to go on their own today.
We were sorting out of those same cows Rusty and I have been enjoying riding through. Special note was taken of the bull that was nursing but hard to say if he will be going anywhere. My daughter was good help, some of the time, just happening to be in the right place at the right time. Not near as difficult to work with loose as she is on the lead. Onna was ok walking along by herself and I could duck back and forth behind her to get the job done. They stood quietly behind us once as Coyote got down and did a wonderful job cutting the bull who didn’t want to go out the gate. Of course the reason we were having trouble at all was because she and Princess Onna had gone ahead of us earlier to stand IN the gate we were trying to go out. Oh well, it takes time to learn.

I am very proud of how good she is getting at steering and getting Onna to go where she wants. It’s good for now that Onna will stay right next to me, I don’t want them going off too far on their own. The little bit that they do go off away from us they do a good job.

After doing a wonderful job of helping she wanted to go for a ride. We went back up the lane to go out in the pasture. She walked ahead of us to the gate declaring her intent. We had ridden through this gate yesterday and I told her it was an easy one to unlatch, in one way, and really hard too because it’s in a corner though. I was thrilled to let her try and hurried to get my camera ready. It took a few tries to get lined up and bent into that corner but she stuck with it and together they managed to get it! What very good girls, the both of them.

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