Little Horsemen

I love to ride, obviously, but I always worry that my kids wont. My daughter is a bit of a princess, she likes pink and ruffles. my son loves forming and tractors like his daddy. I jump on any chance to get them out and riding. So when my daughter got off the bus on a recent warm day and wanted to go ride I was more than happy to oblige.

It was late though and cooling down quickly so we decided to skip the saddles. It would get them on faster and keep them warmer. We’ve talked a lot about why I ride bareback, on good old Coyote if not Rusty so much, and why she has to wear a saddle if I don’t. I keep telling her that she can ride bareback whenever she wants, as long as we are just going around the yard. It teaches such good balance, but I’m not willing to let her go out across the pasture without a saddle just yet. It’s hard enough learning to steer without having to try to stay on too. As for him, he can’t reach the short kid stirrups yet anyway. Might as well skip the saddle.

I lead Coyote but Princess Onna is Ok off the lead, she wont wander far even if her little person might not be doing the best job steering. We meandered about the yard, spent lots of time eating, and even trotted a little. I’m so proud of how good both of them are doing riding, and staying on, bareback!




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