Mounting Compilation

As long as people have been riding they’ve been debating the best way to get on.
It’s good to be able to get on from the ground.
Stirrups can be a big help.
Mounting blocks are good for the horse.
But when you’ve lost your bounce,
you might need to get more creative.
And sometimes it’s best to take a step back and rethink things.
And that is exactly what we did!
This is it, the closing chapter of our personal getting on challenge. We may revisit it if we find new ideas. It has been fun. A good way to stretch the imagination. A wonderful training exercise. Rusty has learned so much more than the obvious letting me on him part. I have crawled all over him. He learned to walk under things. To squeeze into tight spaces. To listen to me without fear or hesitation through all the weird things I ask of him. “Silly” training of tricks like this have taught Rusty far more than any running around a round pen or “desensitizing” ever did. Rusty comes running when called in the pasture and the only time I need to put a halter on him is to make him go back out with his buddies. His under saddle work, though sadly neglected most of the time, improves by leaps and bounds between riding times because of the trick training time we put in.
I am still trying to decide what to work on next. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Until then tell me about and share videos of how you get on!

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