Anniversary Gifts

A good place to keep children

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. I got all kinds of really good gifts. The more normal ones, we got a sitter for the kids and went out to supper. By ourselves!

And the special, unique, and catered just to me type. My husband put back up the clothes line that rusty and I destroyed last fall. I can’t hang clothes out to dry much over the winter anyway but as spring warms the days I’ve really missed having the option. Now it is back and I immediately made use of it, getting a load of laundry out to dry on the gorgeous warm day. Long before I started wanting to, my husband who knows me too well, forbid me to bring a horse into the house. Now I am not allowed to have them in the yard either. Some weird thing about wanting to keep the clothes line up? 😉 It is unfortunate because I had some really fun ideas involving the swingset 🙁

He also took our son with him in the tractor for his afternoon nap. That gave me a couple of hours without having to worry about children to actually put a saddle on Rusty and go out for a real ride!! The reason we spend so much time trick training is that it is a way for me to get my horse fix with children underfoot. Without them we were free to roam.

Rusty was not thrilled about the roaming.

On the way out he kept stopping and asking me if I was sure about this. He said he was perfectly happy staying at the house and getting lots of treats. We persevered though and made it to the end of our drive then across the road into the neighbors CRP ground. There we rode over the hills and through the beautiful tall orange grass that nearly matches the color of my fiery orange pony. My dog, Daisy, ranged about underfoot chasing scents and rabbits. Rusty regained his go and we got to work on circles, stops, and being a grownup horse. The ride home down the long drive gave us a perfect chance to work on leg yields and haunches in. Back at the house we trotted a few circles, practicing transitions in hopes of doing a couple of western dressage shows this year despite our lack of riding time. A few steps of Spanish walk and I dismounted, pulled the saddle, and got one lay down before he went back out with his friends.

Today I am sun burnt and not hopeful of another ride. It was wonderful though and we’ll take what we can get. It was the perfect anniversary present.


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