Our Next Big Goal

The mounting challenge was fun. But once it was finished I needed to think of something else to work on. I contemplated the Spanish walk or bowing and all the variations of those we could do. In the end though it all came down to doing something practical. So we are working on biting.

Here is our first step. Teaching him to target the bit. Once he’s touching the bit with his nose then we start asking for a little bit more. Just to open his mouth and bite the bit a little with his teeth is plenty. Of course he already takes a bit fine. He drops his head and lets me touch his ears. But fine is not good enough for this challenge. By the time we are done I want a self bridling horse!

Good bridling manners are so important. Nobody wants a horse with its head stuck way in the air trying to reach way up over the ears. It wont be as exciting I don’t think as the mounting one, then again, thinking about it. it could include mounting. Hmmm. Interesting. I have about three ideas to start working and shaping. I would appreciate any ideas anyone else comes up with and if you have a video of you putting a bridle on in some weird and unusual way please share them!!


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