And A small Break From Bridling

For a talent show!

We did it! The talent show is over and done, we are all still alive, no injuries, serious or otherwise, and I don’t think we did an awful job. I wont go as far as to say we did a great job either though. I was very proud of Rusty. We hauled in very early, in time for lunch ten an hour at the park with my daughters class for their end of year field trip/party. Then back to the school and unloaded Rusty. All the horses got to come for the ride. I loaded them up with hay and they got to hang out. You’d think they’d have been happier about it
Rusty hopped out of the trailer and went to grazing. He wasn’t hardly concerned at all. I grabbed my bags of cookies and we went for a walk. I let him lead and we meandered down the sidewalk, up and down curbs, into the lawn for some more eating. The only time he spooked was when I very deliberately woke the neighbors dogs who had been sleeping in their kennel right across the street. I wanted their obnoxious yipping to be experienced while we were expecting it. One of the kids was roaring around the parking lot on his very loud dirtbike, in and out of the shop building. Rusty tensed up but wasn’t terribly upset. he took the cars and the bus going by completely in stride. The other thing, other than the yippy dogs, that bothered him was cheering. Mostly just the first time. He performed wonderfully, our only issues being him deciding he was done and heading back to his buddies in the trailer when I got on and not doing a good job of handing me my hat. He did such a good job with the strange place and all the people. Such a good boy!
I could have improved many things that I did though. When I sat my mat out to practice ahead of time I just threw it out there. I guess I had “planned” to move it beforehand. I was not centered, one side of the group got preformed to far more than the other. I spoke nice and loud and clear. For the first minute. After that I think I may have spoken to myself. I forgot to open my paint ahead of time. I kept telling myself to do that, then forgot. There was probably more but I am too exhausted to remember it now. And I’m busy being proud of my pony for being SO good! Carrots for everyone!


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