We suffered a terrible loss this week. My daughters mare, the lovely Princess Onna has passed away. She was that one perfect unicorn horse everyone hopes to find for their children. Beautiful and flashy while at the same time dependable and trustworthy. For an adult she was a hot fun ride, willing and happy to go all day, overly enthusiastic at chasing those cows. When her little girl got on she walked quietly putting up with all kinds of nonsense. Onna only gaited away with her person a couple of times, and only when she was really asking for it. When my daughter got too enthusiastic and cocky playing at running barrels and Onna decided she had had enough she’d do just what was asked of her and go. Straight to me. I would save her and insist that her little person calm down or get off. Onna taught her little person to ride. Gave her confidence, some small degree of skill, and a love for horses. We will never be able to replace her. Onna left a big hole and we will miss her dreadfully.
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