A Quick Ride

I have officially ridden Rusty twice this week!! That’s pretty amazing considering the way this summer has been so far. Life has been so crazy busy with non horse stuff, or kids horse stuff that I have hardly gotten to touch him since we did the talent show way back when.
They’ve been quick rides. Out through the yard and up, or down, a swath that got mowed around a wheat field. Maybe a mile. Lots of lateral work, transitions, and haunches in. Mostly just getting out and putting miles, make that singular 😉 on while it was nice and cool. Today it is supposed to be up to ninety, probably wont get any riding in.
Something was spooking him when I led him over to unsaddle at the tack room. Why carry it when you could just drop the saddle at the door? And he was looking so pretty. all arched neck and pricked ears. It’s hard to believe this is the same nondescript, kind of ugly baby that came to us a few short years ago.

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