Making Progress

Yesterday we started working on teaching Rusty to pull a handkerchief from my pocket and wipe my nose with it. In the first session he easily mastered pulling it out of my pocket, he already knew how to do that with his rubber chicken. That left us to figure out the nose wiping part.

The how of it is easy enough, we just needed to work on teaching him to kiss. I had to figure out how to go about that though. Rusty knows how to target my hand. I asked him to target my hand in front of my face. Not as easy as one might think. With a little bit of back chaining we targeted the front of my face, then pulled the handkerchief and targeted my face. It didn’t matter that he dropped the scarf, it’s getting to the face that mattered. In no time at all he was still holding onto the scarf while he targeted my face!

Now to put it on a cue. I hope to do an exaggerated sneeze as my cue. That should be fun 😉


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