Self Loading, And Self Bridling

A very long time ago I said I was going to start working on all the different ways I could think of to bridle a horse. Way back then, spring?, I thought this option sounded fun. We haven’t worked on it in any way shape or form since the mounting video and the pickup is parked in a different place. I thought we’d try out the loading chute this time, it is normally used to load cattle into semi trailers to haul them to pasture or sale. They call it a loading chute, I thought this was what they meant 😉
So we practiced standing on his mat a couple of times, then going around the pickup. Finally added me, with the new piece, the headstall. It’s still not as smooth as I’d like. We need to work on him stepping forward to his mat after taking the bit. I am asking him to target my hand to get him to step forward that last bit. We’ve never done that before, he did good for his first time.
And of course we have to wait for him to finish cleaning up the grain in the back of the pickup before we can start anything 🙂

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