Musically Inclined

So, I’ve been teaching Rusty to play the piano. I had some lessons as a kid but I’m a little… Rusty at it!! Haha, it’s rude to laugh at your own jokes. So anyway. I got a cheap little key board at the local rummage sale and we wasted no time putting it to use. I was assured by a friend who’s horse is much more skilled at playing than I will ever be that the slobber that clicker training incurs wasn’t a problem for them. And she was right, it hasn’t been a problem for us either.
This is our second go at it and with time we will build in some length and try to cut out his attempts at biting the keyboard. I left in the ending to show him trying to mug me and looking for other ways to get treats. He figured it out though and went back to playing.


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