A Ride At Fort Rob

We just got back from a grand adventure. For the first time in forever we loaded up the horses and hauled them over to Fort Robinson for the weekend! My parents drove clear out and joined us, then we all joined a group of Morgan people, kind of, kind of joined, not kind of Morgan people, and rode all weekend.
I say kind of joined because we camped up at Soldier Creek while they all stayed is cabins down at the fort proper. Although there were as many people as I’ve ever seen up there, including local friends that we were surprised and delighted to see, we got our preferred camping spot, nicely secluded and nice big corrals for our horses.
We brought Coyote and Rusty, for Rusty’s first time camping out and riding in trees and hills, and we borrowed a friends wonderful little mare. Little is a terrible misnomer, she is huge. A wonderful big half draft mare who was perfect in every way.
We went on a nice ride Friday after we got there. We hadn’t gotten going until much later than we had hoped. There was a last minute call that a bull was out and in a neighbors corrals. Would we please come get him?? Then Saturday morning the Morgan people showed up at our doorstep, saving us from having to go looking for them. Coyote was off just a little though and Rusty was NOT ready for a large group of horses in big hills so we said hi but weren’t going to ride with them. Just visit and see the pretty horses.
My wonderful parents offered to stay behind and watch children so I could go ride on the one non Morgan we had along. She behaved beautifully in the big scary hills and kept up with all the zippy little horses to the end.
We got in lots of riding, by ourselves that was the only ride we joined the big group for, spent lots of time playing in the creek, and cooked plenty of marshmallows over the fire. It was fun to watch Rury’s confidence and abilities build and improve over the weekend. By the last day he was striding confidently out in the lead. It was a fun weekend and we were sad to see it come to an end. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again next year!


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