Still More Basketball

More basketball. I know it gets boring. Well, not for me. Especially when I have someone to play with. My son runs great interference. Not on purpose, he’s just good at getting in the road.
It was fun to sit on Rusty, not touching the reins and see how well he understands what is asked of him. Even more fun was watching Coyote. If you watch to the end of the video we stop to give everyone treats. And I do mean everyone, doesn’t everybody share horse cookies with their children?   Coyote decides to get in on the game.
I’ve always said that Coyote is too smart for his own good. It can make for a wonderful, fun horse or a difficult one that’s hard to handle depending on how you treat them. I’ve always welcomed Coyotes opinions and allowed him to express himself freely. I don’t always agree, but he’s able to have a say. Here he watched Rusty get treats and sees what he is getting rewarded for. Then Coyote, who I’ve never worked on this with, sticks his nose in the basket and asks, this? is this what you want me to do? Of course I reward him thoroughly! What a good smart pony.
We don’t give horses credit for being as smart as they really are. Instead people spend so much time trying to be the boss and make sure the horse doesn’t threaten their authority. Imagine what we can do if we let our horses do some of the talking too.


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