Bridle Introduction

After we began making some headway in the head lowering it was time to add the bridle. I cut out a little in the middle to keep it short and sweet but the time between introducing it and him sticking his head happily through it was amazingly brief.
After lots of time spent looking at Harvey I started to wonder. He was said to be a Morgan but didn’t have a DNA match. He’s so refined and elegant, not as thick and workmanlike as my Morgans. He could be one of those “new style” Morgans that I only hear about but what if he wasn’t? What if he was a Saddlebred? The Morgan horse association charges fifty dollars for a DNA test and can tell you if they come up with a match. I was willing to do that for this pretty boy on the off chance that he could be reunited with his papers. I had a Saddlebred cross years ago, he was a wonderful horse. I thought it would be fun to try and see what we could find.
I contacted the Saddlebred association and asked about it. They were happy to do a DNA test for fifty dollars but wanted another hundred to enter the results into their computer and see if there was a match! That seemed beyond ridiculous to me. Apparently they aren’t particularly interested in helping out horses of their breed. I will go on considering Harvey a Morgan and proud of it.


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