Teaching Step Over

Before I ever get in Harvey, or any horse for that matter, they need to know how to step over to a gate so I can get on. For Harvey, and any other horse in training or that I don’t know the history of, it’s not just a handy way to get on but a way to make sure they are ok with someone over their backs. A way to test their reactions with feet planted firmly on the… fence, gate, whatever. He can spook and run off bucking when I put a leg over the saddle and it wont matter because I will still have a firm hold on the gate. This could be done by teaching them to target with their hip and asking them to step over that way but I don’t see any way that the horse is being harmed by teaching a cue, tapping with the whip, instead. I’ve never had any luck figuring out how to teach hip targeting anyway and I know how to do it this way.


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