Another Try At Head Lowering

I get videos I want to share here, things I want to talk about, but before I can get the video to a computer and have time to cut them down from ten, twenty minutes to a more watchable, less boring, time, I get new video! Then I have to decide if the first one is worth the effort of should we just skip to the next one where we’re doing better? I’m going to put this one up here to show the progression. He gets so much better every single time we work on something.
This is our second time working on lowering his head. The first time I cued it by touching the base of his neck. Our cue to graze. I wanted that to stay our grazing cue so I consulted the experts. They recommended using the reins as a cue. I hadn’t figured out the exact usage and wasn’t completely happy with my cuing. He easily switched cues though and was really getting the idea.

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