Halter Breaking Amarillo

I’m trying to break up the endless videos of me sitting on Harvey not doing anything interesting. Here, instead, is a story about Amarillo.
I had been letting him out in the yard to graze. He got to stay there, by himself or with another horse, for a few hours before going back into their pen. Not an entirely bad thing in its self. They have a few acres, unlimited hay, and other horses to hang out with. No grass though. he was good about following me back in or another horse. He has not let me catch him since he came though. I haven’t tried real hard. There hasn’t been a need.
The first day after the time change we spent the day cleaning up the garden. It was hard. dirty, tiring work. Coyote and Rusty had been out most of the afternoon while we worked. As I put them away Amarillo and Harvey begged so piteously that I gave in. It was only four after all. They would have plenty of time to graze before it got late. As I let them out it began to drizzle. Night was coming fast. I hadn’t taken the time change into account. Oh well they could sty out for a little while.
The only problem was that when I went to put them away Amarillo wasn’t ready to come in. I tried targeting. I tried putting Harvey away. He had gotten to stay out at first to be a good influence. I tried leaving the gate open and running him in. He stood in the gate and looked at me. I could see him thinking. Then he turned and came back out.
It was getting dark. It was raining. Amarillo was not letting me close. I snapped a picture to commemorate the day.
I am very often happy that this place is set up to run cattle. Lots of gates and lanes. He thought he was being all smart going down one of them. It dead ended in a gate. Unfortunately I had to get the gate open somehow. I thought maybe I could just catch him in the dead end. He nearly ran over me. I was able to move the horses on the other side of it and once open he came back and through it. He was in.
That whole thing made me not like him very much. he was NEVER going out again.
It was time to change my criteria. He has been getting clicked and treated for coming up and saying hi. Now I needed to ask for more. He gets one for coming up, but no more than that. Now he has to let me touch him. Pet his neck. Put a lead rope over his neck. Or even let me put a halter on.
I was able to sneak out the other day and have an actual session just with him. Almost. He had been standing at the gate. It was going to be easy. He wasn’t. It wasn’t. Oh well. Coyote can play too. I don’t care what I click him for. Coyote is perfect in every way. What ever he’s doing when I click is bound to be good 😉 It was a fun group session with horses, goats, and bulls.


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