Finally A Real-ish Ride

The weather was/is still cold and windy. Everything we’ve been doing has been aimed at keeping calm. Settling own. Controlling our wilder impulses. It’s a difficult lesson.
Harvey chose once again to let me on from the right side. I don’t care which side we use and like that he changes it up. Once on he spent lots of time backing up. He’s mostly looking for treats I think. He can turn that long elegant neck of his nearly clear around and look me in the eye. It gets a little scary even though he doesn’t mean anything by it.
We’re working on giving to the rein each direction. That means some spinning in circles. It was better than backing up though. The ground wasn’t as slick but with the windy cold I was in no rush to add forward. We don’t need to do that until he’s calm about everything else.
It might be different if our “arena” was better suited. There are fence posts facing in to catch knees on, sharp corners, and a chunk of cement in one corner. With all the pens on this place there’s not one of them that doesn’t have at least one of these wonderful attributes or a water tank. Slow is better than hurt.

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