A Clicker Clinic

I got to go play with some fellow clicker trainers today. We are lucky out here in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska to have such a large clicker community. Large is all relative 😉
Andrea gave an overview of clicker basics then everybody paired off and we got to work. Horses quickly picked up treat manners and figured out what the click meant. Then worked on targeting and what ever else the horses needed.
One of the horses got targeting down and they proceeded to put it to work sniffing out and touching all the scary things they could find. Bern brought his horse in and gave a demonstration on laying down. That inspired almost every other horse there to give it a try. With lots of clicking almost every horse in the barn laid down. It was very impressive.
It was a day spent shoveling food into the mouths of happy horses and hopefully an interest in clicker training into their owners. It will be fun to see what grows from this.

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