Standing Still

One more boring video. So boring I sped it up to get through it faster 😉 We are a couple of days behind here and I want to get caught up. The problem with being behind is that I think we’ve done something really great and am all excited to share it! Then he does so much better the next day that what came before doesn’t seem so exciting anymore. I want to be able to share with the excitement of the day, not looking back and trying to recapture.
We are working on Spanish walk. With that come some issues that need an opposing action. Spanish walk is mostly pawing on command. We know it’s no fun to have a horse that paws all the time. The opposing cue is to stand quietly with all four feet on the ground.
Standing also helps settle my overly active somewhat anxious horse. It never hurts to have a horse that will stand still. This is him learning to do so. With me next to him and when I walk away. He’s doing very well at it.
Next time I promise something slightly more exciting at least.

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