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Yesterday I got to show off how amazing Harvey is. How he is able to grasp whole new concepts in a matter of minutes. He can and does.
Getting the idea and mastering the art are two different things. Fine tuning all the little nuances takes a little more time. While he was bale to get the idea of, and show me how to, step into my hand learning it on both sides and in different places was a bit harder. Not that he couldn’t do it. He is very capable. It gets complicated though and is a lot to learn.
That I am learning too doesn’t help matters. I am finding the pitfalls, things that help, things that hinder, and making my learning mistakes along the way.
Sometimes I’m too slow to the click and miss his thought and little tries because I am looking for more or don’t realize what is happening until too late. Other times I’m too quick to click and reward the wrong thing which can lead us off on completely different tracks that I often don’t realize we are on until too late. Here I accidentally/on purpose taught him to back to me instead of going sideways.
Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. I taught it to Rusty, or to be honest he taught it to me, quite deliberately. I love learning things that way. It’s a fun useful trick, think backing out of trailers. However, we were trying for sideways. Now that I’ve looked back, had another training session where it became very clear that we left our intended trail, and have seen that we added back instead of sideways, I’ll have to see if we can find our way back.


Unfortunately the video is too long to post here. You can see it on the facebook page at /

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