Group Workings

I have been out to play with the horses little bits here and there. With Thanksgiving and everyone home there hasn’t been much time.
I had a few minutes with only one small child underfoot so I snuck out to worm them. Deworm to be exact for the nit picky out there. Amarillo took\k one look and knew something was up. He left.
That left Coyote as the next trouble causer to be gotten done and out of the way before he realized and left too.He usually takes it well, and was, until Rusty went after Harvey and startled me. I looked to be sure I wasn’t going to get smashed. And stopped right in the middle of squirting the nasty stuff into Coyotes mouth.
I spent the extra dollar to get apple flavored wormer. Apparently that didn’t somehow make it yummy. Coyote wanted nothing to do with me after that and it took a little longer to get the job done. As soon as I let him go he turned to Harvey who was of course immediately underfoot again and I swear he wiped his mouth off on Harvey’s back.
Rusty stood wonderfully and Harvey will suck anything that get too near into his mouth. He gobbled it right up before realizing, or maybe never realizing, it was anything other than a treat.
Then we get to the video.
During the last snow we had lots of time to work on group treat manners. Harvey is still an issue. Way too enthusiastic. Not bad, just in my space. Amarillo was getting curious but it still took him a bit to join the fun.
With Coyote we are working on putting his head on my shoulder and letting me mess with his eye. It will be coming out soon. The cancer is growing quickly. Starting to make it hard to close the eye and being generally uncomfortable. I need to call and get the appointment made. I want to be sure he has the ability to care for it well installed before it is done.
Amarillo finally decided to come into the group. It took a bit to get him caught and haltered. I only left in the last little bit, I really thought this whole video would be two or three minutes long. It was over six in the end and I had to cut something. He took his wormer so very well in the end I’m not sure what all the upset was about.
Then I was out of apples and had to fall back on my special secret supply of peppermints. That Amarillo didn’t like. Oh well, he should have let me catch him earlier.


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