Tub Training?

We’ve all heard of 101 things a dog can do with a box. Or the clicker trainers here should have. A basic introduction, for trainer or trainee, to clicker training. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can find it here https://www.clickertraining.com/101-things-to-do-with-a-box
We had a go at it with a lick tub.
Harvey kept wanting to put a foot ON he tub. It can’t hold him. I turned it over and let him play. As he started pawing at it I wondered if it would be possible to get him to stand in it fully with one leg. That proved easy enough. What if he could get both legs in?
It took less than five minutes of clicking him in the right direction. This was his second try. I wanted to make sure the camera was getting it so we moved closer. And I missed center 🙄 Here is the full unedited second try at getting both feet in the tub. No difficulties soaking feet here. Difficulties getting out maybe. He would stand in there all day If I left him. Walking over the tub, rolling it around under his legs, not a problem.
Harvey is available for adoption from Forever Morgans.

5 thoughts on “Tub Training?

  1. Sophie Tunnah

    Harvey looks a really sweet horse and I hope he finds his forever, loving home very soon! This behaviour really shows how intelligent horses and how quickly they can pick up new tricks, whether it is ridden or with us on the ground!

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