Red And Silver

After we lost Onna I consoled myself by looking at horses. I offered to foster Harvey and ended up with him and Amarillo too. After Coyote I just happened to stumble across some facebook comments that my mom had been trying to get me to look at for a few weeks. Funny how things like that will pop up in your news feed sometimes.
They were about a beautiful silver dapple Morgan gelding. I had not been looking for a horse at all. Now I was willing to look. It turned out he went back to my all time favorite Morgan stud, Unconventional. I have loved Unconventional since he was for sale as a baby and I could not afford him. Now here was his grand baby for sale, I contacted the owners.
My mom lives fairly close to them and is the one who’s fault it was that I was looking in the first place. She and my dad drove up to see him. In the mean time it had been mentioned that they also had this other one for sale. I didn’t know how I could ever pass up an Unconventional grandson but I told her to go ahead and send me info on the other one anyway.
And I fell even more in love. I looked at the picture version of his pedigree on all breed pedigree, my favorite way to check a horses bloodlines, he want back to every horse I have ever loved. I didn’t know a horse could fit that many horses in his bloodlines.…
I kept scrolling and more great horses kept showing up. Stromwashed, Caduceus Moses, and Shagwood Shining Hero were all up close on the papers. That third line in there is solid with horses I have known and loved forever. Farther back he has Agazizz, Juzan, Warhawk, Chingadaro, Red Corral, Winterset, the good western lines I had come to know so well through those much cherished old 2WF news letters. As I kept looking I kept drooling.
Apparently I could find something I liked more than a grandson of Unconventional. Not that I didn’t love that one he is gorgeous, I just loved this one more.
My parents went and looked. Mom was madly in love with the other one. We searched desperately for a way for her to be able to take the one she loved. I wanted to be able to take him for her, put some riding on him and keep him until she was able to have another one. I am already over my three horse limit though, or would be as soon as I got the one I loved. I’m not a good enough daughter to give up mine so she could have hers.
I said I would take him and began to look for a way to get him. Mom offered to take him to her barn until spring then haul him out. The sellers asked if we could please try to ship him straight out so he only had one big adjustment to make. I started looking for haulers.

The riding video is rather painful to watch. It was a good thing to see though. If he took this terrible training without doing anything he ought to be great with decent riding.

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