Tub And Hoop

I saw a wonderful video of Georgia Bruce’s where her horse fetched a Hula Hoop and set it over a target. It was pretty impressive. h
It looked like so much fun I wanted to try it. We were out playing today when I remembered it all. I grabbed the kids Hula Hoop and a lick tub.
First we worked on targeting the tub. Then I showed Rusty what I wanted him to fetch. Then we put them together. It’s no where near as good as Goergia and Rumba the wonder horse but for all of five minutes effort I thought Rusty did a pretty good job!

My always brilliant and with a handy different perspective husband said I needed to teach Rusty to target the ground next to the tub. I thought that was a weird idea and tried to figure out what he was talking about. Then I finally realized, Rusty always has the hoop sticking out in front of him. If he touched the ground in front of him, next to the tub, the hoop would go right over! It’s so nice to have someone looking in from the outside to offer perspective we would have missed otherwise!

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