Playing With The New Toy

I actually got to play with Red/Heildorf/HellDwarf today!

It’s the first time since he got here. We’ve been so busy with other stuff and letting him hang out and get used to his new home. I’ve been loading the clicker since he got here though. Being careful to take him some treats every time I go outside and clicking as I feed him. It’s making Rusty rather crazy. He can’t stand for anyone but hi to get treats, even if he gets them too.

Today I rode Rusty, so he wouldn’t feel so ignored, then brought Red out. I know he’s been started under saddle so I threw a saddle on him. He took it as well as expected. I clicked lots for putting the blanket on and the saddle and cinching. All the little things I like to do every time I saddle. He was starting to like this clicking stuff and looking for his treat every time I clicked by the time I was done saddling.

Then we did some manners training and began target training. Then we went for a walk. He was excited to get out and see new sights. I let him lead, with some guidance from me and we wandered around the yard. Down the drive out off the yard I let him look at the big wide world out there. Back towards the house, around the chicken coup, where he finally did spook at Daisy. To the hitching post where we unsaddled and let him go.

He was excited to be back out in his pen. Give him time. He’ll end up like the others, begging not to go back.

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