What Is In A Name?

When a baby is born so much thought and effort is put into choosing a name. Thought is put into parents names, bloodlines, nicknames. Of course I am talking about horse names.

Flair came with a beautiful name. Justapesty Solar Flair. It describes his color, breeding, and it’s pretty.

I’ve never been very good with pretty though.

We started out referring to the two horses as Red and Silver. A quick easy way to figure out who we were talking about as my mom and I discussed horses. We didn’t know, couldn’t remember names yet. It made life easier.

Red has kind of stuck though. It’s just what I think of him as. It’s not a pretty name. Quite boring and plain. I like that in a name.

But then I was discussing a man who writes excellent articles about historical Morgans. I asked my mom if she had read any of them. She didn’t think she had who was he? I couldn’t remember. Christian Hieldorf I thought?

We were talking on the phone for once and as it came out I thought that it couldn’t possibly be right. Nobody could be named Helldorf. As we laughed and tried to figure out what it could really be the name quickly transformed to HellDwarf. And I loved it. Someday something needed to be named HellDwarf!

Then it occurred to me that we had a small fiery red horse with the disposition of a Tolkienesque Dwarf. We took to calling him that jokingly. Lovingly.

Has it stuck? Maybe. My daughter says NO! She want’s to call him Red. I don’t see why we can’t go with both. No matter his name he is settling in nicely.

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