Getting Ready

Here we go again.
The snow from the last two has mostly melted, the ground was getting dry enough to ride and the weather warm. Of course it was time for more snow.
This isn’t late for us to be getting snow. It’s fairly common for us to get snow into May. One year we didn’t have a snow day on the last day of the year but only because you just can’t do that! As the superintendent at that time said. The ones this year aren’t rare occurrences, just impressive examples. These are bringing LOTS of snow.
We spent yesterday bringing cattle into the corrals, getting baby calves out of the pasture in hopes of only allowing them options to go lay in that have shelter. Mama cows will lay their babies out in the wide open then go eat. By penning them up we hope to prevent that. We moved the cattle, bulls, a handful of yearlings, and one pen of pairs that got stuck on this side of the water in the big blizzard and have just stayed separated, closer and into the best shelter we have. The horses got put up in the very front because they would end up in the barn anyway.
This morning we woke to ice. Ice a quarter inch thick on grass, cars, and fences. School was already canceled yesterday. We got to sleep in. It was still wet and drizzly when I went to feed Blossom. It wasn’t long before it changed to snow.
The horses are tucked away in the barn. The cattle are fed up well behind the windbreaks. Now we wait to see how much snow we get this time around. Hopefully we stick to the bottom end of the predictions, 5 to 10 inches is much easier to deal with than 15 to 20.


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