I had a chance to play with the horses, a couple of them at least, on a warm weekend day.
I went to the gate and called Rusty. Harvey came running while Rusty looked and thought about it. Rusty got really mad and came running, scattering horses before him, as I let Harvey out the gate. Guess he should have come faster.
The kids and their cousins were climbing and banging and raising quite the ruckus in the trees on one side and my husband was working on his school bus on the other. It was a scary sort of day.
We worked at liberty. There’s no need to hold a horse somewhere that scares them in order for them to overcome fear. That is more likely to make them afraid than to help them learn not to fear.
I let Harvey go when he couldn’t handle it anymore. Sometimes he would go a few steps. Sometimes much farther. I never made him come back.
In the end he did pretty good. We accomplish things between his spooks. I’m not interested in that in this video though. This one is all about him recovering from a spook and getting back to work.


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