Bottle Calves

I haven’t mentioned Blossom here much lately or given any updates on my little blind calf. I better get to these things!
Baa got to go back out with the cows. She was head butting the calves and chasing them out of their grain. She was enjoying clicker training but is also loving being out where she can choose to be in the pasture or share grain out of the bunks and go back to being a feral goat. This doesn’t mean her training is over, just put on hold for now.
Blossom is huge and healthy and showing all the spoiled rotten behaviors we expect from bottle raised animals.
The blind calf got named Hydraulic, my son gets to name thing too sometimes, not just my daughter He is up and going wonderfully! He can stand up on his own now and I think he can see at least a little.
There are two other bottle calves out there with them. A pretty little Charolais cross named Ghost and another black calf named G.G. short for Gerbil Junior. Yes, I know Junior doesn’t start with G I don’t like the name! But I can’t change it. It was declared to be her name and so it shall be. Although I can shorten it to G.G.
They are all getting big and adorable and a real pain to feed.
We ordered a feeder. It finally got here and put up yesterday. I am loving it. They said it was a slow feeder and it takes them forever to finish eating. Not a bad thing at all. It slows the big pigs, Blossom and Ghost, down enough that Hydraulic and G.G. can get in there and eat too. I can leave and get other things done while they eat and hopefully we can work on manners more if they aren’t thinking I am the wonderful supplier of food. 😏

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