Do things ever not go exactly as you had planned?
In clicker training we hear a lot about training plans, and cutting things into very thin slices then working on them each individually.
All the planning in the world can’t make things go exactly as you envisioned it. I THOUGHT it would be a good idea to have a mat as a target for Harvey to come back to as we worked on sending him out around objects.
He liked the mat training.
He did not like being sent out away from the mat.
So he chose his preferred action to offer to me. No matter how far away I put the mat. Thinking about it now I guess that could have been used to my advantage. Dang it I just wasn’t thinking! 🤣
But anyway. He was doing a wonderful job with his mat training.
I particularly like my little temper-tantrum as he went to his mat so nicely. So many jiggly parts to… Jiggle! 🤷‍♀️ 💩 🤣
I rethought needing a mat to station on and things went much more smoothly afterwards


In honor of our difficulties my friend Andrea made us this…

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