Roping With Rusty

We’ve been playing with roping lately. I think every good ranch horse should know how after all!
Now that he has the idea from the ground we are transferring it to his back. This was his very first go at it. He gets a little excited as soon as I’m on and wants to go! Go somewhere. I don’t know where he’s off to.
We’ll keep practicing, soon he’ll be ready to go for real!

I included the get on and his bit of wondering about. It was fun and made me realize the we are going to have to work on getting him to hand me the rope when we drop it. Constantly getting off to pick it up is a nuisance!

One thought on “Roping With Rusty

  1. Justin Ellingson

    I’m surprised how dry it is there and the grass is so short. I think you should were a helmet and maby a safety vest I fractured my back doing the same thing

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