Ungraceful Getting Ons

Things seldom go as planned. What fun would life be if they did?
I was trying to get back on Rusty, again, after he had dropped the rope and I got off to get it.
He knows how to step over to almost anything so I can get on. He didn’t feel like it though. Instead he thought maybe he’d get some treats himself or try some Spanish walk.
I was like come on get over here! I told he to stop offering other things. “I just want your butt” Apparently that’s a word he knows. He immediately swung his butt to me 🙄 🤣 I tried to turn the volume up so you could hear that part.
What could I do but scratch it? He had done as I asked. Still out of position I needed to back him up a little. A horse can never have too many levers and buttons installed  🙂

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